Tips for Writing Fan Fiction: Finding Ideas

Tips for Writing Fan Fiction: Finding IdeasWhether you are a seasoned Fan Fic writer or a first-timer, every story starts in the same place-with an idea. Some days, you’ll have more ideas than you know what to do with, others, nothing seems to come to mind. If you’re having the latter problem, here are some tips to get you writing.

Use a Prompt – Prompts are one of the best ways to inspire a story. Lots of Fan Fiction communities offer prompts to jump start your story writing, but you can also trade prompts with a fellow writer, and set up a deadline to keep you both writing. If you are feeling ambitious, you can select a prompt table and write a series of stories based on multiple prompts. Prompt tables really engage your creativity, and build your fiction writing skills.

Finish a Scene – Pick an episode of your show, let your imagination run wild and finish an open ended scene. Post-eps are both fun and quick to write, and they have the added benefit of being fan favorites. This is an especially great option for new writers since you get a head-start on writing your story because you have a set-up, setting and characters already determined for you.

Find a Challenge – All Fandoms have Ficathons that you can participate in and they are especially great fun because you will be participating with other writers. Do a little digging around in your Fandom and see what is out there. Some ficathons have deadlines where everyone posts on the same day, others let you post within a certain window. You’ll surely be able to find something that works for you.

Write it Out – Whenever I have the urge to write a story, but no specific idea in mine, I head over to and doing a little writing. I start free writing about the two characters that I am interested in featuring in my story and in less than 10 minutes, I’ll have worked out an idea and a plan. Doing some stream of consciousness writing on your idea will really help; having your idea mapped out from start to finish means you write faster and post sooner.

Inspiration is everywhere-you just have to know where to look. Using these ideas can help you to narrow your focus down to the best ideas for your writing. You might want to consider keeping an idea file (hard copy or on the computer) or an idea journal. You can record ideas when you have an overflow–that way when you are in a writing mood, all you need to do is flip through your file and you’ll be writing a story in no time.